About Us:

Formed in 2017, One Planet Rescue may be a new rescue organization, but founder Farah Ravon, is far from new to the rescue community.

Farah’s extensive experience volunteering for local rescue organizations, as well as her latest work as the U.S. Representative, and Foreign Adoption Coordinator for Vafa Animal Shelter the last 6+ years, provided experience with rescuing animals from around the world.

Here at One Planet Rescue, our work is focused on injured and special needs dogs and cats who require immediate care. Because many of these dogs and cats do come from abroad, we are diligent about fully vaccinating, and spay/neuter prior to our rescue transport. (Sole exceptions would be puppies or kittens).

 Although we would never turn down a local case, when rescuing abroad, we always open each case with the requirement of, foster to adopt. This protocol is set in place to confirm the rescue is the right fit for the family interested, and if they are not the right fit the rescue will be returned back to a One Planet Rescue foster.

One Planet Rescue does not have a local facility, rather individual sponsorships makes it possible for us to rescue dogs and cats from all over the world. We also work solely with foster families, this frees up donation funds to go directly to the many costs pertaining to the pets welfare. Domestic transportation, vet bills, foster care, are just some of these examples.

One Planet Rescue does not discriminate against any person, population group, or organization with regard to categories protected by applicable law.