Annabel now lives in San Jose, California
Annabel is a healthy, charming and affectionate, spayed, 8 year old Beagle Mix who now lives in the Bay Area as her mom lost her job and had to move back with her family ... and they prefer for the dog to live outside. Her mom feels she deserves to stay an indoor dog as she has been since rescued at age of 4.  Annabel loves to be adventurous with her mama, enjoying long walks, hikes, and camping trips. But she is also an excellent home body and loves simply sunning herself on window ledges. She can be shy in the beginning but this quickly turns into playful affection and belly rubs. She loves women but can initially be skittish with some men-- especially those with larger builds (this does not apply to all men though). She can be protective of her home space but will quickly wag her tail once she knows you.

She also does well in day care and enjoys the company of other dogs, but she has never lived with dog or cat siblings.
Overall Annabel is a sweet, kind spirit who simply needs a loving family willing to love her forever.

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