Annie now lives in Olympia, Washington

Annie (Seattle Area)

What a joy to introduce Annie, the young and energetic Border Collie. She is spayed, Microchipped, vaccinated, house-trained and around a year and half old. Annie loves learning games, cues, tricks ​and everything fun, through positive reinforcement training methods. She hasn’t gone through formal training yet, but has learned some of the basic cues and can’t wait to learn more. She loves people, dogs and ACTION! Annie is looking for an active family who can take her on long walks, jogging, running, hiking, fetching, playing with her doggie friends, and perhaps agility courses. She likes to be involved in everything that you are doing, but understands to respect boundaries, when taught and enforced by being kind, firm, and consistent. Setting a routine and boundaries are absolutely important, otherwise the Border Collie in the room will call the shots! The old saying that a tired dog is a good dog, doubly applies to Annie. Annie currently sleeps in her large and comfy crate at night, and this routine should be continued until she is a little more mature, has more skills and self control and a good understanding of the house rules. Annie was kept in a backyard most of her life without much interaction with the outside world, and that is why she gets overwhelmed in crowded spaces. As much as she loves people, too many people and cars and the feeling that things are out of her control, leave her feeling overwhelmed and at times spooked. She can learn to be calm and not afraid in such environments through ongoing positive socialization, and helping her to slowly build positive associating to things that currently make her nervous. She is looking for loving family with an active lifestyle, and experience with active dogs, and training using positive reinforcement training methods. To learn more about Annie or to arrange to meet her, please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application: