Anthony Houman Nemati


Houman was born in Tehran, Iran and migrated to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1988. Tony later moved to Los Angeles, California in 1995. Tony is a professional chef in the Los Angeles area, and his passions are raising his 5-year old son Oliver and rescuing dogs and cats from all over the world whenever possible. Anthony’s days are filled with consulting in the restaurant start-up industry, running his own restaurant, and his thrill for real estate development.

Farah Ravon
Founder ,  Board President

Farah lives in Northern California with her husband and their Iranian rescue dog Patoo. Farah, always looking for ways to assist animals in need – especially the underdog – found her first volunteer opportunity with a wonderful organization called BAD RAP that specializes in pitbull rescue.

A few years later, Farah learned about Iran’s first animal shelter, named Vafa Animal Shelter. Her first visit to the shelter was in 2009. Once back in the U.S., Farah dedicated her time to spreading the word about Vafa through social networking sites and assisting in the rehoming of over 150 dogs abroad.

In 2017 she decided to form her own U.S.-based rescue organization. This is how One Planet Rescue began.

Rachel Evans

Board Secretary

Rachel has been passionately involved in animal rescue for almost 20 years. She is a technology lawyer and recently moved back to Chicago, Illinois after living in the Bay Area for 22 years. Rachel is the proud parent of 2 rescue dogs and 4 rescue cats.

Marsha Laughter

Board Director

Marsha was born in the Middle East in the early 60s to an Iranian mother with a soft heart and an animal-loving British father. Marsha’s family migrated to England during the Iranian revolution and then made their way to the U.S. Marsha’s love for animals comes from her parents, who allowed her and her siblings to bring home all stray animals they found; some were kept, others were re homed. Homeless animals always seemed to find Marsha, either by crossing her path or coming through friends and family. She now lives in Florida with her husband, and they are proud parents of 5 rescue animals.

Maryam Faresh

Board Director , Writer/Editor

Maryam is a children's book author and a pet & people psychic. Maryam has inspired thousands through psychic communication and with Daisy's story and message that "everyone deserves to be loved and accepted." Maryam's inspiration for the book “What about Daisy?” came from parenting multiple rescue animals, many of which were special needs. But it was Daisy, her deaf-blind rescue dog, that was her ultimate teacher.