Cash (Kingston) now lives in San Jose, California, USA

Meet Cash! 


Are you looking for some Cash love?  This wonderful guy just turned 1.  Unfortunately, due to no fault of his own, his family has to leave the country and cannot take him with them.  They had to surrender him.  One Planet Rescue stepped up & took him in.  He is looking to find his forever home or can be Fostered to Adopt.  There is no fear of commitment with this guy, he will love you!

For his 1st Birthday this affectionate, smart and dashingly handsome guy wishes for a partner in life.  He is athletic and would love to be taken on walks, hikes on the trails of adventure and then of course, afterwards there are the naps.  Lounging in the sun, napping on the warm grass, and snuggle time are needed, wanted and truly appreciated.  Those evenings at home can be filled with books for story time and netflix marathons.

Cash is still young and he is getting used to the world outside and is a little short on self-esteem, so he could really use a good Life Coach. He not only has the looks he also has the brains and would so appreciate the chance to be in a training class so he and his new person can bond and then take on the world!  He is potty trained, WHEW!!!! He is affectionate with people.  Do you like road trips?  So does he!!!!  You lead and he will follow with a wiggly butt and all! He is easy to live with, his loyalty is unwavering and he AVAILABLE!! 

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