Meet CoCo (approx 3-4yrs old)  She's currently being fostered in San Jose, CA

Coco’s dreamed of being a CEO (Cat Executive Officer) since she was a kitten. Some day, she’d call the shots. She’d have a seat at the table...the head of the table. She’d work her way to the top to become the adored, fearless kneader. For Coco, the journey to greatness has been a bumpy ride. She paid her dues as a shelter cat in the Central Valley. It wasn’t a good fit, but we saw her potential. We recruited her to fill on open role as a foster cat. Her foster dad has been a super mentor…after a few months in a kneader-ship role, she’s ready to take the next step in her kitty career…she’s applying for jobs as the CEO of the house. Coco’s in a foster home with other cats...She is fine with them but would prefer to be the one and only. We don’t know how she feels about her canine counterparts. However, we’re 100 percent certain she LOVES humans. Looking for a fearless kneader? Fill out an online application so we can get to know you.