Foxi (Loki) now lives in Capitola, California

Meet Foxi! (in San Francisco Bay Area)

A courageous, blind, 4 year old Sheltie from Tehran, who has had his share of truly bad times. With ears cut, tail broken, and blood around his eyes, a volunteer with Animal Lovers spotted him and immediately jumped into action. After a thorough vet visit, including all vaccinations and neuter, Foxi was determined blind, but his eye sockets were healthy so removal of his eyes was not necessary.

As you can imagine, he was, and still can be, timid around humans, however he has shown ZERO fear aggression. Foxi is currently living with a foster family , and is slowly coming out of his shell. He loves the companionship of other dogs and is finally experiencing the joy of rough housing with his foster siblings. We are not sure how he does around children, so he will require plenty of kind, gentle support from his new pet parents.

Foxi's bold personality is still not accustomed to walking on a leash and due to his past trauma, he is not fully potty trained and can sometimes experience anxiety at night. Good news is, he is finally eating well and is ready for a strong, alpha pet parent to guide, direct and love him. Foxi is a beautiful spirit who, at no fault of his own, experienced some horrific times. But here at One Planet Rescue
, we believe Foxi is here to experience unconditional love and inspire us to be better human beings.

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