Hanna - Being Fostered in San Jose, CA

Hanna is a spayed 2+ year old female German / Anatolian Shepherd mix, is house trained, chipped and up to date with all of her shots.  She is a sweet, goofy and snuggly dog after she has had a couple of days with you and gotten to know you better. She is a quick learner who still has lots to learn about the world out there. She grew up in a house where her family kept her inside all the time and didn’t socialize her to the world out there. She is under socialized but loves training and learning through reward-based positive reinforcement training methods. Since her surrender (which was due to lack of time to socialize and exercise their dog, plus she's no longer a puppy...), she has lost a few pounds, and can still lose some more, which she will with daily exercise.  She likes other dogs and plays well, but when she moves into a new home with other dogs, she needs to be fed separately during the first week. Hanna bonds with her humans rather quickly, but she will be nervous for a few days after moving into a new home. She will do well in a home with experienced dog parents and an all adults household. Her new family will need to set boundaries and kindly teach her the rules of the house, or she will end up running the show and protecting the house from all visitors.  To arrange a meeting with Hanna, please help us learn more about you by filling out our online application: www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow