Meet Pambé (being fostered in San Jose, CA)

Hi! I'm PambĂ© (cotton ball in Persian) - a.k.a. 'The Cutest Kitten in the Whole Wide World!' Yeah, so it's been deemed true...I'm the cutest!   Hey, want to know how I ended up with this title? Me too! After all, I was just minding my own business hanging with my mom when I got stuck in a pipe. Some super nice people swoops down and grabs me, and next thing you know, I'm tucked into a warm coat that isn't our mom's! My life has become MUCH more interesting since that day! Wanna know some of the things that I've learned?   - Toys are EVERYWHERE you look!   - No self respecting kitten passes up an opportunity to wrestle with other kitten buddies!   - No self respecting kitten turns down a meal when it's offered!   - People laps are built for Moi!   - I'm pretty darn happy with sharing my life with YOU! So fill out an application for me today!!