Pico is currently being fostered in San Jose, CA
Meet Pico! She's guessed to be 6-7 years old terrier mix.  Pico's cuteness is so powerul it may actually knock you over the first time you meet her.  No exaggeration, folks.  She is so endearing and full of life, she could make you smile and laught in the middle of a hurricane. You just can't help but love her.  Pico also happens to be smart, sassy, and full of good-natured mischief.  She is a professional snuggler to boot. She is comical, occasionally chases toys and gets along with other dogs and loves humans. She loves the outdoors and watching/chasing squirrels and she loves going for walks. Men seem to be her favorite humans. If she needs to use the bathroom and no one is available to let her out she will actually find the bathroom and do her business there.  She is very bright and learns quickly.  If you like to meet her, please help us out by filling out our online application:  www.tinyurl.com/AdoptMeNow