Cash now lives in Fallbrook, CA, USA

​​Say hello to Shaparak, or Butterfly in Persian.

She's made a remarkable transformation since being rescued several months ago. It be began in when guardian angels found her roaming the streets of Tehran. At just under a year old, Shapi looked as though she'd already burned through the first of her nine lives.

She was dirty, thin, infested with fleas, and trauma to her eyes meant she couldn't see.

With a full life ahead of her, her guardian angel who found her jumped at the chance to give Shapi a do-over. She got a much needed bath and went to the vet.

And they gave her yummy meals and limitless love from the comforts of a cozy foster home.

One Planet Rescue was asked to take her on, and that's when her journey to United States became a reality.

She loves ... pretty much everything. And by everything, we mean people, pets, cuddles, car rides, toys,

playing fetch, naps, a sunny spot in the window, daydreaming ... the list goes on.

Shapi's as smart as she is sweet. She's blind -- her eyes were so badly damaged that they needed to be removed. However, she can 'see' just fine. She jumps onto the couch, hops into bed, finds her food, fetches and retrieves toys, and goes straight to her litterbox when she needs to.

With plenty of time to rest, heal, and grow, our little butterfly is ready to spread her wings. She'll fly into your heart.

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