Tommy now lives in San Jose, California

Meet Tommy!  (in San Francisco Bay Area) 
Tommy a 7 yr old male, neutered pup was rescued from a horribly violent situation.  He was quickly taken to the vet, his injuries attended to, and kept safe until his guardian angel reached out to One Planet Rescue.  
Tommy is a sweet, mild mannered dog who makes friends everywhere he goes. He is house trained, loves his daily walks and chills around the house when family is away at work.  He is sensitive towards unfamiliar noises, and needs reassurance that all is okay... we feel he would do best in a single family home to avoid outside noises, or if in a condo, a newer building which are noise proofed :)
He is gentle with strangers, kids and dogs and absolutely loves a fun jog.   Tommy is now a happy pup grateful for his rescue. He is ready for his forever home where he can finally live a life filled with love, safety and joy.   If you're interested to meet Tommy, please help us learn about you by filling out our online application: